Нашето училиште


Priority in our centre, as a vocational school, is the practical teaching. The students realized it, partly in the school and in the school economy, and partly In a lot of firms and organizations in the community. As a centre, we help a lot in the corporation with these firms and organizations as our social partners, with the final goal that they will become potential employers of the part of our students.

Here are some of them : AD “Teteks “ , AMSM, restaurant ‘Elektra”, “Silmak”, SIK “Jelak”, the vet station –Tetovo and many others private firms in the community.

We are known as a centre open for changes and news in the educational work and in that direction we include ourselves in different projects. At the moment we are included in the project for modernization in the education and in the project SEA with centers for carrier and real companies.

The school is included in a special programme for mentoring students-Roms, supported by the Ministry for education and science, whose task is to help these students easier progress in the teaching.




Mosha Pijade
st. Ilindenski bb.
1200 Tetovo

Phone.1: +389 44 33 04 94
Phone.2: +389 44 33 04 96
Phone.3: +389 44 35 04 90