Нашето училиште


school S.S.O.U "Mosha Pijade" was established in 1928 as a lower agricultural school which formed conditions for expert qualification of the students in many parts of the country. The teaching was two years and the first generation was consisted of 30 students . The main goal of the school was to educate agricultural staff that would use the knowledge on their own property or in the agricultural economies.

In the 1945/46 the low agricultural school grew up in a secondary agricultural school with duration of 3 years and in 1950/51 the school gained its physiognomy and became school for 4 years . Beside theoretical and practical teaching during the school year , there was also seasonal practice in duration of 1 month during the summer period .In contrast to the practical teaching which was realized in the school economy,  the seasonal practice was realized in the state economies and agricultural and vet institutions .At the end of the education the students had their final exam.

In 1960 a decision was brought that the school would be called secondary agricultural school ”Mosha Pijade”.

News in the education brought the need for transformation of the education and the secondary agricultural school grew up in School Centre for education of qualified staff in the economy “Mosha Pijade”. As a result of this on 27.12.1973 the following profiles were verified:
∙ Agricultural technicians
∙ Agricultural-mechanical technicians
∙ Auto mechanic

Later the schooltrade profession was established, and in 1977/78 staffs of the food processing and catering professions were qualified. As a result of the increased needs for vet staff in our community and the rich livestock fund in the school for realizing practical teaching in the school year 1979/80 was verified the vet profession and later was verified the mechanical profession with the following profiles : locksmith , welder , tinsmith , metal smith and etc.

Because of the increased number of students , in 1983 was built the new school building , equipped with the most modern cabinets for realizing obligatory and practical teaching . The rise of the motor vehicles , transport of passengers and the transport of the cattle as well as the conditions for normal traffic risen the interest for the traffic profession which was verified in 1995 and also the profession carpenter of the profession for wood manufacture.

The huge interest for forestry brought the verification of the forestry profession in 2004/2005.

Today the centre includes 2 school buildings consisted of :
∙ 42 classrooms
∙ cabinets
∙ workshops
∙ library

And 8 hectares land composed of :
∙ farm for pigs and cows
∙ dairy store
∙ flower shop
∙ kitchen
∙ driving school and polygon for teaching drivers , playgrounds




Mosha Pijade
st. Ilindenski bb.
1200 Tetovo

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