Нашето училиште


(The students are not the passive audience,
but they actively participate in the work of the school)

The students are involved in the school work by the school association. Upon their initiative has been formed and work “The youth office “ in the school whose aim is to oblige the problems of the young and to react preventively on the negative occurrences and problems by which the young people today face. For that aim “The youth office“ realizes activities such as :
∙ Organizing teachings for diseases for dependence
∙ Organizing tribunes, workshops for selected topics
∙ Sport tournaments
∙ Organizing exhibitions on selected topics
∙ Organizing contests for literature works on selected topics
∙ Organizing ecological activities
∙ Organizing cooperation with similar offices with other schools
∙ The youth organization is a member of MASSUM in the frames of the SEA project.


They actively work and participate in the centers for career and the Real companies by which they will present themselves on the fair for education (Educational rendezvous 2007 )that will be held on 19.4.2007.

Students can also participate in projects, seminars, educative camps, tribunes, visiting theatres, cinema performances, exhibitions, literature readings etc. The students have their representatives in the Union for secondary school pupils and in that way they follow all the events with the other students of the same age in the republic.

The students gained training on seminars or camps and they implement the same to the other students.

In the frames of the activities of the Youth office a lot of ecological activities are realized, such as decorating the area in and around the school for building the ecological conscious at the students. The students who take care about their health are active members of the alpinist section that actively participates in the traditional climbing on TitovVrv.





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