Нашето училиште

The Teaching Staff

About the teaching staff
∙ Higher educated
High professionally trained
∙ Open for accepting and realizing news in the teaching, creative, flexible and professionally expertise through: obligatory membership on seminars; internal training; using of professional literature; cooperation with colleagues of similar schools; cooperation with the Biro for development of the education.

Every year the school with its representatives-students takes part in a lot of contests on Republic level. Our membership on the contests for mechanic technicians and auto mechanic, contests on the field of agriculture and tractor’s contests has become tradition, where our students mark solid results. Also we take part in the contests of other subjects, such as: history, geography, English language, physics, chemistry etc.

The climate in the school
∙ Professional and ambitious manager’s team
∙ Irreproachable organization in the working
∙ Team work
∙ Interpersonal relationships on a considerable level
∙ Good relationship between the manager’s team and teaching staff
∙ Continued and opened cooperation with the parents





Mosha Pijade
st. Ilindenski bb.
1200 Tetovo

Phone.1: +389 44 33 04 94
Phone.2: +389 44 33 04 96
Phone.3: +389 44 35 04 90